Wines Unlimited
- Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands

About Wines Unlimited

Unlike most wine merchants and shops, Wines Unlimited offers a portfolio which we exclusively sell to restaurants and companies. (no private customers)
Founder Sander Salburg (Wines Unlimited anno 1998) and wine trader since 1995 is determined to sell wine differently compared to 90 % of all other wine merchants and shops. Who buy there wines at 1 or 3 of the major wine importers in The Netherlands.
Therefore many wine shops or local "horeca wine merchants' and often supermarkets too, sell all the same thing. Watch closely and you'll find out. 
Our wines cannot be found in wine shops, grocery stores, wholesale companies or online webshops. In other words, our portfolio is fully protected and is exclusively designed/sold for the hotel, restaurant and catering industry. 
That's why our wine portfolio is not listed at our website.
In addition, our range is organic, pure made and very affordable. We invite you to taste our best sold house wine segment, starting at <4 per bottle. 
Please send an e-mail to : in order to meet up or request our samples to taste, free of charge. Again, this only applies to restaurants, hotels and other businesses.